With McLaren’s Help, “The E.N.D.” Has Come

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The 2009/2010 Black Eyed Peas World Tour – dubbed “The E.N.D.” (short for “The Energy Never Dies”) – went off without a hitch through a grueling 14-month schedule that spanned Asia, Australia, North America, Europe, and South America.  “The E.N.D.” was “the biggest tour, production-wise, we’ve ever done,” band member Fergie told Billboard.com and indeed, the set was exploding with state-of-the art laser lights, flying stunts, HD screens, and top-notch sound projection which turned each of the show’s venues into a huge, futuristic nightclub. 

The latter end of the tour proved to be one of the most challenging periods for the crew, as the band played in stadiums throughout Latin America.  In each stadium, a local stage roof and stage was erected to support the touring set.  Communication challenges and a more varied level of technical expertise from the staff at the local stages throughout Latin America put the quality of the intricate set in jeopardy.  To assist, McLaren provided on-site engineering and supervision by traveling ahead of the band as part of the crew.  Traveling two days in advance of the tour vans, McLaren’s site engineer was responsible for ensuring that the local stage structures were up to appropriate standards and properly coordinated with the set.   When deficiencies were identified, McLaren provided immediate engineering guidance about where the local stage needed reinforcing, working within the narrow constraints of the short time window and limited available resources. 

With McLaren’s engineer on the scene, the band and crew could rest assured that quality control was overseen and every safety-related detail was attended to.  The band completed their final show on November 13th in Lima, Peru and “The E.N.D.” was hailed as the group’s most successful and technically advanced tour to date.

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