McLaren’s Survey Division Welcomes Donald O. Viele

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Surveying is a foundation that enables the development of any engineering project.  Though the design for a structure or site plan may look great on paper, until the boundary, topography, and potential constraints of the physical site is understood and accounted for, the project cannot safely move to the design and construction phases.  Surveying provides the data necessary to develop a successful design and lays the groundwork for any engineering project. 

McLaren’s licensed in-house surveying affiliate LandMetrics Engineering & Land Surveying P.C. provides boundary, topographic, and hydrographic surveying services across the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area, working independently for third parties and in conjunction with other McLaren divisions, such as Site/Civil and Marine.  With experience in both topographic and hydrographic surveying, McLaren is uniquely equipped to provide a seamless land/water interface to tackle complex projects along waterfront areas.  The tidal range is a critical aspect of shoreline development projects and is often misunderstood by firms who perform only topographic or hydrographic surveys.  With an extensive portfolio of surveying projects which span both land and water, McLaren has cultivated the ability to deeply understand the shoreline boundary.  McLaren’s survey team is also known for diligent customer service with a focus on responsiveness and timeliness.  Most importantly, McLaren brings to the table a broad range of expertise supplied by an experienced team of surveyors.

The most recent addition to the Survey Division is Donald O. Viele, P.L.S., who joined McLaren as Principal Land Surveyor in October.  As head of the Division, Viele is responsible for overseeing the workings of the entire department, including client relationships, data collection, and determining the results of a survey project.  Viele has over 30 years of experience across a variety of different projects and has worked alongside agencies like N.Y.S.D.E.C., N.Y.S.D.E.P., and the Army Corp. of Engineers.  Two notable past projects include the Concord Hotel Resort Hotel & Golf Club in Sullivan County, NY and highway Route 17 spanning across Sullivan and Orange Counties. 

Coming from a family of surveyors who have worked across all of New York and the rest of the US (“It’s in my bones,” he remarks), Viele is a hands-on guy who spends time in the field to ensure projects are completed and delivered to a high quality.  Viele relishes projects with surveying challenge.  In fact, after years of surveying for boundary disputes, he has developed a specialty in the legal aspects of surveying and even co-authored a book about real property law.  Since joining McLaren, Viele has also cultivated a passion for hydrographic surveys.  As Donald explains with enthusiasm, with “so many elements that go along with it,” hydrographic surveying is a challenge since every project is different.  As the Survey Division continues to expand, Viele and his team look forward to finding new surveying challenges with projects across the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area and coordinating survey efforts in McLaren’s other offices.

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